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About Us

Grow Greens, Get Grins!

Started in 2020, indoorGreens was founded in Singapore with the aim of introducing urban farming as a family friendly hobby! 

indoorGreens features The Grow Series, our very own line of hydroponics kits for everyone to experience growing their own food at home. 

The Grow Series can also be used as an educational tool to facilitate learning about urban farming in Singapore. Accompanying this educational journey that you and your children will embark on as soon as you get your hands on The Grow Series, introducing our friends — Tomy and Sprowt!


Tomy and Sprowt are the two main official characters of indoorGreens and they’re here to help you get started on your hydroponics journey!


“Hi! We’re Tomy & Sprowt. Let us help you with your hydroponics journey!”


Our Mission

We aim to educate our future communities on the importance of indoor farming and food security through a family-bonding activity of growing produce with our hydroponics systems.

Our Vision

We provide high quality hydroponics systems to enhance the lifestyle of our family-oriented customers.

Benefits of Urban Farming

Girl eating
Enhances food security

Be self-sufficient with your own homegrown produce.

Small Space Friendly

Suitable for farming indoors at home

Fresher Produce

Harvest and consume your produce at peak ripeness.

Enjoy fresh produce all-year round

Now you don’t have to rely on farmers produce when you can grow your own!

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