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smart garden

The Grow Series

The Grow Series features our very own line of hydroponics systems for indoor growing –  suitable for growing your own produce at home, or casually experimenting growing plants hydroponically.

Let us help you experience the joy of growing your own food at home with your family today!

The Grow Series is now available at World Farm Jurong!

Our booth at World Farm Jurong is available for

  • Viewing of hydroponics demo systems
  • Purchase of hydroponics systems (growMini/growMe)
  • Guided demonstration on how the system works

*for purchase of growBig system, please call (+65) 6553 5663 directly! 


Seed Bundle

Not sure where to start? Try out our Tomy and Sprowt approved seed bundles to get started.

Our seed bundles comprises an assortment of seeds, categorised according to theme.