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Suitable for indoor growing at home with your family.

Comes with 15 grow pods

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Its unique design enables you to stack multiple system to utilize vertical space.

It is easy to use – one-touch convenient operation with a built-in automatic reminder to refill its water reservoir. 

The growMe also has full-spectrum 45-watt LED lighting system consisting of 196 LED beads for your plants to photosynthesize. 

Grow Box Set
1 x Water Resrvoir
1 x LED Panel
2px Grow Deck
2x Front Column
2x Rear Column
2X Safety Fastener
1x Water Pump
1x Pumping Hose
15 Planting Cap
15x Planting Basket
1 Set Power Supply and Adoptor
1x Installation/Instruction/Plant Cultivation Manual
Planting Set
3px Matrix Soil
1pc Tweezer
1 Set A&B Plant Nutrient Solution
1x Measuring Cup
3x Tags
3x Planting Cup Holder
3x Shadingg Hood
1x Seedling Tray
Plantingg Sponge
Product NameGrow Me
Plant Pod Capacity15pcs
Plant Environment Humidity40% ~ 70%
Plant Environment Temperature5°C~35°C
Product length60Cm
Product Width37.5cm
Product Height42.5cm
Product Weight4.5kg
Product Attributes
Input Power44W
Input Voltage24V
Water Tank Capacity9L
Package length74Cm
Package width49Cm
Pacakge height29Cm
Package weight10Kg