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Suitable for indoor growing at home with your family.

Comes with 15 grow pods

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Its unique design enables you to stack multiple system to utilize vertical space.

It is easy to use – one-touch convenient operation with a built-in automatic reminder to refill its water reservoir. 

The growMe also has full-spectrum 45-watt LED lighting system consisting of 196 LED beads for your plants to photosynthesize. 

Grow Box Set
1 x Water Resrvoir
1 x LED Panel
2px Grow Deck
2x Front Column
2x Rear Column
2X Safety Fastener
1x Water Pump
1x Pumping Hose
15 Planting Cap
15x Planting Basket
1 Set Power Supply and Adoptor
1x Installation/Instruction/Plant Cultivation Manual
Planting Set
3px Matrix Soil
1pc Tweezer
1 Set A&B Plant Nutrient Solution
1x Measuring Cup
3x Tags
3x Planting Cup Holder
3x Shadingg Hood
1x Seedling Tray
Plantingg Sponge
Product Name Grow Me
Plant Pod Capacity 15pcs
Plant Environment Humidity 40% ~ 70%
Plant Environment Temperature 5°C~35°C
Product length 60Cm
Product Width 37.5cm
Product Height 42.5cm
Product Weight 4.5kg
Product Attributes
Input Power 44W
Input Voltage 24V
Water Tank Capacity 9L
Material ABS
Package length 74Cm
Package width 49Cm
Pacakge height 29Cm
Package weight 10Kg