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GrowMe setup guide

Prepare your Home Grow Box 
  • Water Reservoir 
  • LED Panel 
  • Water Pump
  • 4 Columns
  • 6 pcs Grow Deck
  • 9 pcs Grow Deck 
  • 2 Safety Fasteners
Install your Home Grow Box 
  1. Corresponding to the digital sign, position the four columns provided and insert them into the water reservoir. 
  2. Place the suction cup of the water pump facing downwards (refer to illustration), before gently securing it to the water reservoir. 
  3. Position the LED panel on the four columns accordingly. 
  4. As shown in Figure A, gently pull the column in an outward direction, and adjust it to the position shown in Figure B. Repeat this step for the remaining three columns. 
  5. Following the illustration, push the column down with your thumb in the arrow-indicated direction — you should hear a click sound when it is successfully installed. Repeat this step for the remaining three columns. 
  6. Place both grow decks in the water reservoir as shown. 
  7. Align the safety fasteners into the columns accordingly. Position the rear columns against the wall and turn the tip of the safety fastener at a 90 degree angle, ensuring that the fasteners are secure. 
  8. Position the power plug in line with the power socket (on the right) of the upper panel. Following this, insert and connect it to a working power source. A lit-up LED panel means that your Home Grow Box installation is complete.