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What is Smart Gardening?
smart garden


What is Smart Gardening? This article explores what it is & why it is a rising trend in Singapore!

Smart Gardening is the result of combining advanced technology with gardening. Starting your own gardens can be especially overwhelming when you do not have prior experience!

The Grow Series by indoorGreens (From left to right: growMe, growMini)

IndoorGreens’ Hydroponics Systems – “The Grow Series” helps beginners ease into gardening. With simple & clear features such as a one-touch start button & blinking indicator lights, users will be able to identify plants needs and attend to their plants needs without maintaining it constantly. The smart gardens allow users to grow plants or herbs of their choice without much supervision required!

Features Of Smart Gardening

smart gardening

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Smart Gardening can be achieved with indoorGreens’ Hydroponics Systems and its main benefit is to ensure ease of use for users. Our hydroponics systems are equipped with smart features such as:

  1. LED Light – used to mimic sunlight so that plants are able to grow & photosynthesize indoors.
  2. Pumps for water irrigation – used to transport water all around the system
  3. Water level sensors – ensure adequate supply of water for plants to grow healthily within the hydroponics system, blinks to alert you to replenish water supply
  4. Planting baskets – to hold sponges in the planting baskets and ensure seeds & plants have a growing medium to grow on

When making your first smart garden purchase, ensure that they come with the following smart features so that your first gardening experience will be as fuss-free as possible!

The Grow Series Smart Gardens

With 3 hydroponics systems to choose from, the grow series is suitable for various use. Plant your favourite vegetables, herbs and flowers with the growMini, growMe and growBig.

Here’s a quick overview on the hydroponics systems & its recommended usage:

growMini: suitable for individual growing, comes with 3 growing pods.

growMe: suitable for household growing, comes with 15 growing pods.

growBig: suitable for larger households/commercial growing & is a 5 layer system. Its plant pod capacity is 72pcs and its nursery pod capacity is 85pcs.