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The Grow Series – growMini, growMe and growBig comes with growing sponges to house your seeds during the germination process. To use the sponges for seed germination during the initial steps of growing, no nutrients would be required for this stage.

You will need a tray to hold your sponges. Add in clean water to the seedling tray and place the sponge with the indentation side facing up. Soak the sponge thoroughly until it does not float. Add in water gradually to the tray and ensure that the water line briefly touches the indentation.

Place the seed gently in each indentation and be mindful not to submerge the seeds in the sponge/in water.

When the leaves begin to sprout, transfer the sponges together with your seedlings into the growing deck. 

It is important to discard the sponges after harvesting. Use a new sponge after usage