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Which hydroponics system should I choose?

Indoor Green growing series features three different models – growMini, growMe and growBig. If you are not sure which indoor growing series you should choose, you might want to consider the following factors according to your own growing needs:

  1. Small-scale or large scale growing?

With growMini being our smallest system, growMini is indeed suitable for small-scale growing as it only has 3 growing slots. For large-scale growing, we would recommend the largest hydroponics systems from our growing series, the growBig as it has 72 planting growing pods, plus 85 germinating pods. If you are looking for something more than 3 growing slots and less than 72 growing pods, the growMe system is the perfect choice for you as it has 15 growing pods. Do note that the growMe system is stackable* (up to 4 units maximum).

  1. What type of produce will you be growing?

Some produce will take up more space than others. If you are looking to grow large produce, we would recommend getting a bigger hydroponic system as it prevents overcrowding when you are growing your produce in the hydroponic systems. 

  1. Where would you place your hydroponics systems? 

A good consideration would be the space allocated for your hydroponic system. Would you be looking for something that is compact and easily portable? If so, the growMini would be suitable.  Or would you be looking for something that utilizes the vertical space in your home? If so, the growMe or growBig would be best.