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Hydroponics Sponge


Hydroponic seedling square shaped sponges for seed germination.

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Product Description

Hydroponics sponge – Hydroponic seedling square shaped sponges for seed germination. Essential item for your hydroponics cultivation project.

Hydroponics sponge product features:

  1. Suitable for seed germination & growing seedlings without soil
  2. Sponges are of breathable material & allows for roots to  grow through the material.
  3. Made of high quality material
  4. Indentation in sponge allows for seeds to sit on the sponge nicely
  5. Can be used as growing medium for hydroponics growing.
  6. Easy to separate sponges, simply tear out gently according to the lines
  7. Suitable for beginners & makes a great starter kit

Specifications of the product:

  • Condition: 100% Brand New Sponges
  • Material: PU( polyurethane) Sponge
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Description: Square shaped sponges with an indentation in the middle to house your seeds

This product is sold in a bundle of:

  • 50pcs
  • 100pcs

Important note: this product is sponge only & does not include seeds or seedlings in the sponge! you may use the sponges for your own seed germination.

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