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Mushroom Growing

Mushroom Growing is an activity for kids of any age to enjoy! It is a simple and fun project with a delicious outcome: multiple batches of fresh home-grown oyster mushrooms for you and your family to munch on! Discover the excitement of harvesting your own food and the experience of a farm-to-plate dish right at your dinner table.

The oyster mushrooms that you will growing in the mushroom kit are one of the most common edible mushrooms in the world. They are named after the shape of their cap, which looks like an oyster shell. Cook these yummy mushrooms and they will be sure to add a wonderful mild umami flavour to your meals!

Mushroom Fun Fact

Fun Fact #1

The mushrooms that you can see is actually just the fruiting body of the fungi. The main body of the fungi is the mushroom’s root-like structures known as the mycelium.

Fun Fact #2

In 2014, 10,000 mycelium bricks were used to build a 13-meter-tall tower called the Hy-Fi (which is how hyphae, the term for the individual ‘roots’ of the mycelium, is pronounced).

Fun Fact #3

Eating mushrooms can help to reduce your blood pressure, manage your blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels, strengthen your immune system, decrease stress and have anti-cancer properties.

Fun Fact #4

Mushrooms are one of the only non-animal sources of Vitamin D! Almost all edible mushrooms produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight or UV light.

Fun Fact #5

Oyster mushrooms are usually greyish-brown in colour, but pink and yellow varieties exist as well.


1 hour to 1.5 hours


A class of 30-40 students would be perfect for our professionally-trained instructors to conduct the Physical Mushroom Growing workshop!

Otherwise, an unlimited number of students can participate in our Virtual Mushroom Growing workshop (over Zoom or any other video-conference platforms)

Age Group

Primary & Secondary School Students (Ages 8 & Up!)

About the Programme

The Mushroom Growing workshop is a fun-filled science enrichment activity for kids to learn more about fungi beyond their textbook syllabus. Not only would you be learning more about mushrooms during the workshop, you would also be given the chance to cultivate your very own oyster mushrooms which you get to eat!


The Mushroom Growing workshop presents a well-rounded tactile experience for students to grasp and retain scientific knowledge relating to fungi by engaging the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

The Mushroom Growing workshop includes an interactive theory session which would impart mushroom-related knowledge to the students, as well as a hands-on portion during which they would get to prepare their own DIY Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit from Mushroom Kingdom Singapore in class.

In the theory portion of the workshop, students would be learning about the parts of a mushroom and the conditions required for the growth and reproduction of mushrooms.

In the hands-on portion of the workshop, our instructors would do a live demonstration on how to get started with growing your own mushrooms using the DIY Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, and each student would get to bring their own kit home. They would learn how to take care of their mushroom kit over the next few weeks and eventually harvest their very own oyster mushrooms.

Why Choose Us

  • Offical Education Partner

    We are proud to be the Official Education Provider for the Mushroom Growing workshop with Mushroom Kingdom Singapore.

  • Registered MOE Instructors

    All our trainers are also registered under the MOE Instructors scheme.

  • OWN DIY Kit

    As part of the workshop, students will each receive their own DIY Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, and they will learn how to grow and harvest their own edible oyster mushrooms!

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