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Vegetable Growing

Vegetable growing is a hands-on learning experience for children to get their hands dirty and experience growing their own vegetables from scratch! This learning experience allows children to have a little sneak peek on the occupation as a vegetable farmer and understand where does all their vegetables come from. At the end of the session, children will be able to observe the growth of their vegetables and be rewarded with an abundance of vegetable produce, hand-grown by themselves!


This experiential learning experience will take place in an outdoor setting, typically in their school gardens or community gardens to grow vegetables using traditional farming methods. Alternatively, students will still be able to experience this indoors in their classrooms using a small planter box with soil. They will be given an assortment of vegetable seeds and our trainers will be guiding them through their very first vegetable growing process.

Vegetable Growing Fun Fact

Fun Fact #1

In a single teaspoon of soil, there are more microorganisms (such as bacteria) than there are people on earth! They help to keep your soil nutrient-rich and ready for vegetable growing.

Fun Fact #2

Vegetable plants have the same basic needs as we do: light, food, water, and warmth. The amount of each of these given to a plant will determine the success of your harvest.

Fun Fact #3

Wasabi is the hardest growing vegetable in the world!


1 hour to 1.5 hours


A class of 30-40 students would be perfect for our professionally-trained instructors to conduct the Vegetable Growing workshop!

Age Group

Primary & Secondary School Students (Ages 8 & Up!)

About the Programme

Experience growing your own vegetables in your school gardens or in your individual vegetable growing planter boxes during this fun and educational vegetable growing workshop! Students will learn how to grow their own vegetables, while developing their understanding on traditional farming. At the same time, they will be able to witness the plant’s life cycle and identify the various stages of plant growth.

Students will be able to grow their own vegetables either in class with their individual vegetable growing planters or in their school or community garden for an outdoor learning experience. This enrichment programme will benefit students who have a keen interest in farming and plants.

The vegetable growing workshop is an interactive 1 to 1.5 hour workshop that covers topics such as food security in Singapore as well as all about the plant life cycle.

A session typically starts off with theory which teaches students some science concepts, and after which, the hands-on activity will supplement what they have learnt during the theory portion.

Why Choose Us

  • Design to fit school's objective

    Our workshops are carefully designed to ensure that it fits your school’s objectives

  • Registered MOE Instructors

    All our trainers are also registered under the MOE Instructors scheme.

  • Past Experiences

    We have experience conducting this programme at various primary schools in Singapore.

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